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Who the Fuck is Makomali

I am Makomali, an animator and comicbook creator, I am the next Walt Disney. I am very secretive. I dont trust many people as people have been burned me a lot in my life, I have a big guard up. Similar to the Trojan Walls, except I wont except gifts from Greeks (History Joke)

I grew up humbly as an underdog. I have my friends. Was average and would often get the occasionally beaten from the upper class men. I never paid attention in school, they thought I was retarded so they put me in slow classes. The School and my parents thought I was dumb as bricks, meanwhile I was drawing sketches all over my books about my ideas. I could give two fucks about Atticus Finch & Huckle Berry Finn. In my opinon the school system failed to keep my attention with their boring ass classes. My only motviation to do good in school was to not get a beating from my dad. But with a little clever forgery, by high school I became a "A" student :)

Entering adulthood I was welcomed to the glorious corporate america, the beautiful life promised to us after college. Where we would have high paying salaries! But it fucking sucked and the pay was shit. And after six months you get smacked with a fuck you pay me every month bill from your fine college instituition. Your a slave to a desk for eight hours a day. One 30 minutes lunch break and you would be lucky if it was paid. On top of that you have to take abuse from the bosses who often have egos and use unethical methods to get your ass moving. I ask my co workers why do we submit to this dictatorship. The answer is always bills, or some weak excuse.

I had a moment of enlightenment. And that was to put my middle finger up to corporate america. I am a young cub. And I dont want to waste my fucking life making others rich. I dont care if I make just enough money to live, as long as if I am making cartoons, I'll be happy. Akuna Mutata type shit.

Secrets  & Sneak Peaks and Treasure

Are your ready for this shit?

Through out this entire website, are hidden secret pages, that reveal secret sneak peaks on future projects.

There are also well secret hidden clues all along the site, that make up a treasure map, once you put the map together, and find the treasure. You will gain $1,000 dollars. Only one winner. So get your asses searching!

Makomali dosen't fucking exist. He is a figmint of your imagination. He is the feeling inside you. The pain, the angst, your deepest emotions, your sense of humor, and your undying desire to search deep inside yourself to fight your inner demons. This website, all my animations and comics dont exist. They only exists through your perception. Do they really exist at all? But if only in you mind?