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Our services

Sarcastic Service

This lousy web designer set me up with a services section. I don't service anybody but my art pad. So fuck off.

Why Animation

Animations & Comics are Dope. Animation is even better now because there is the internet. We don't just have to watch what the tv tells us whats good. We can search the web and find gems like Makomali.

Nut Daddy!

Dirty Nut Sack? Is it because your over weight and cant reach into those hard to reach spots? We have the solution for you! NUT DADDY! Nut Daddy is much like a Tooth Brush accept is extends a whopping three feet! Feel free to shove that Nut Daddy right up your asshole!

Random Acts of Kindness

Many fans ask me how to be happy, first response is why are you asking me of all people this...? Well my answer is this do a random act of kindness to some one everyday. And you will release a chemical in your brain called dopamine, its a feeling you get when you do a good deed.

Print, Post, Repeat

I have an idea. I am not telling any one to do it. But the idea is this. To print out my logo, with makomali.com on it, and to post it fucking everywhere. Yea it was just a day dream I had. No one do this.


This website which is also mobile friendly is designed to entertain. There are also many secret pages hidden within the site :)

Look forward to hearing from you!

Plus if you are a Fan, a PYT or a fellow Animator.